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An Attempt

A little foam bubble formed at the corner of my mouth.

Wet. Awkward.

It happens when I stutter.

I am very aware of the way my lips move when I speak.


I try to hide them.

Those two hideous rows of yellow tainted with plaque.

But they show regardless.

I stutter again.

This time because I am aware of the little bubble increasing in size.

My tongue slowly slithers out.

Covered in white bumps.

Creeping over the cracked surfaces, filling them with spit.

Gurgle. Gurgle.

I clear my throat.

My voice fails me.

The little foam bubble still lingers there.

Mocking me.

I try, and fail. And fail.

And fail.

Written by Neda Hegazi.

Cover illustration by Neda Hegazi.


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