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Beyond Human: "Mischief Acts" by Zoe Gilbert—Worlding Processes through Fiction

Zoe Gilbert’s novel Mischief Acts follows the legendary figure Herne the Huntershapeshifter, trickster and leader of the wild hunt - through the centuries as his home, the forest, is increasingly encroached upon by the advancements of modernity. The story is one of enchantment, disenchantment and re-enchantment and as such provides the perfect foundation to explore how we relate to the world(s) around us through the lens of posthumanism and ontopolitics. In this episode of Beyond Human, we discuss how fiction can be part of a creative worlding process.


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Music Credits

Intro music by sfxvalley.

Deep in the Dell by geoffharvey.

1930s Seedy Street Music (Harmon Trumpet) by ASTROFREQ.

Aethereal by DSTechnician.

Cover picture by Laurin Emrich.

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