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Growing Up

It is dark and you are blind.

But it is good.

Everything you know.

It is calm, cozy.

And there is a beat.

Soothing and steady.

Then there is light and you can see.

It is loud and new.

But then there is a smile.

Loving arms.

And the beat is back.

Soothing and steady.

Time goes by and you grow up.

Everything is exciting.

No limits.

Just unseen danger.

And there is somebody.

Soothing and steady.

Life goes by and you live.

Still there is learning.

But also knowing.

There are familiarities.

And you know there is somebody.

Soothing and steady.

Sometimes it is dark.

Sometimes there is light.

You grew up and keep growing.

You lived and will live.

And there will always be somebody.

Still soothing and steady.

Growing up was written by India Wittmershaus.

Cover photo by Suzi Kim.


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