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Something for My Mind

I sat down at my kitchen table with my plate of food, but as usual, I had no idea what to watch. Some poet probably wrote something like this: "As my body indulges in sustenance, I must seek refuge for my mind, a solace that lingers beyond the taste buds and nourishes the soul." I found myself leaping between various streaming platforms, my eyes scanning their seemingly infinite libraries in search for something that would resonate with my present disposition. Alas, the endless array of options left me feeling adrift and unmoored, unable to select a single one that would capture my mood. I couldn't make up my mind, and before I knew it, my plate was empty.

I couldn't help but blame technology for my indecision. Back in the day, all we had was television and the simple programs it offered. But now, there were too many options to choose from. I longed for the simplicity of the past, but I knew I couldn't return. I had already tasted the sweet, sweet nectar of new technology, and there was no going back.

Looking back, hanging out with my friends usually involved hours of debate over what movie to watch. None of us were big fans of going out to the theater. We preferred the comfort of our dirty little apartments. I have fond memories of going to the theater as a child with my parents, and I've been on a few movie dates there, but I prefer to watch movies in a space where I can fully immerse myself in the story without worrying about my surroundings.

While some might argue that movies are meant to be watched on a big screen in a theater, I disagree. I find it easier to watch movies on streaming platforms because I can pause and think about certain scenes without worrying about missing anything. I don't need the proper setting or the environment of a theater to enjoy a movie. For me, the ability to watch in the comfort of my own home and the ability to concentrate on the story without distraction are far more important.

I never watch television either. The last time I watched TV for entertainment was when I was 12. It was ironic that I, someone who hardly watches television, worked for a television station. I spent most of my career trying to convince my colleagues that television was dead, that we didn't need to work so hard to create these historic records. It was just too silly, and I couldn't bring myself to care as much as they did.

Perhaps some of my colleagues thought I was a spoiled brat who didn't care about the job, but from my perspective, I was just being realistic. Television was dying, and there was no point in clinging to it. As for me, I would just have to figure out what to watch for my next meal.

Written by Mahmudun Nabi.

Cover photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris.


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