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Climate Action Week with Carlos Perez Baez and Luca Berardi

Between the 27th of November and the 13th of December, 2023 Climate Action Week will be taking place again this year at Malmö University. Coinciding with this year’s COP28, this student-led initiative aims to raise awareness and initiate conversations on climate change and climate action through a variety of events including workshops and lectures.

In this episode of Dextercast, Carlos Perez Baez, who started the Climate Action Week project, and Luca Berardi, who is actively involved in its organisation, share their motivations, experiences and hopes for the future of Climate Action Week.

For more information on Climate Action Week and to stay updated on their events, follow them on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Climate Action Week Program:

You can find this and other Dextercast episodes on spotify.

Read more about this year's CAW here.

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