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Climate Action Week at Malmö University

Climate Action Week (CAW) is an assortment of events, workshops, and seminars to engage students and the community in the issue of the climate crisis. As we learn more about our world’s current situation and the dangers our society is increasingly facing, many people wonder: What can we do about it?

Especially as a student, it can feel stressful and confusing when you read about what’s going on and all the planetary issues we are facing around the world. It’s difficult to understand what is true and what is exaggerated, or how severe the effects of climate change actually are. Once you have a general understanding of what is truly going on, it can still be overwhelming when you think of what to do with that knowledge. What courses of action should we be taking? What can we do on the individual vs. the community level?

Climate Action Week is the answer to these questions; our attempt at offering opportunities to learn, have discussions about, and take action against climate change. We’ve taken tips from the past years’ events, alumni advice, and have combined all of this to present this year’s Climate Action Week.

What Will the Weeks Look Like?

The two-and-a-half weeks will offer many different events, ranging from climate panel discussions to climate games and fikas. There’s something for everyone! We included a diverse program list so that people can join the events that speak to them the most, as well as learn from individuals of different backgrounds with unique perspectives on our situation.

The entire program schedule is below:

How Do I Sign Up for Events?

With this link, you can see the entire list of events and register for them. Almost all events are free to attend. We simply ask that you register so that we can have a general understanding of what numbers to expect.

Why Should You Come?

The CAW events are open to students at MAU as well as anyone from the public interested in attending. We want to reach as many individuals as possible, so that the message is spread across the community of Malmö. Actions taken on the personal level can lead to larger influences on the community and impactful discussions. There is always more to learn, become aware of, and solutions to discuss. If you want to be part of climate conversations and part of the change, join us for CAW!

Climate Action Week takes place at Malmö University from November 27th to December 13th, 2023. For more information and the latest update, have a look at CAW's social media.

Listen to our Dextercast episode on CAW here.

Written by Sam Farabaugh.


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