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Whether it is to raise awareness on particular issues, or simply to combine our creative potential, we are collaborating with various organizations, projects and initiatives. 

Tender Time is a collaborative artistic research project by MedeaLab (Malmö University). It takes the Voyager space mission and the Golden Record as a starting point to explore the vulnerabilities that we face in the current times of planetary crisis, our own tender time. The project was presented as a multimedia installation at Time Space Existence in Venice (May-November 2023). The exhibition included video material, an original soundscape, printed material with AR elements and a "Book of Regrets". Now, after Venice, the project continues, i.e., with the Words Across Space creative writing exhibition.


The Climate Walk project combines academia with activism in an effort to raise awareness on climate change. During the project, the participants hiked collectively through Europe collecting stories and data of how climate change impacts people on regional and local levels as well as on the ways in which these impacts can be mitigated. We are collaborating with the Climate Walk project by engaging creatively with the experiences they recorded.


We teamed up with Climate Action Week (CAW) which took place for the second time from November 27 to December 13, 2023.

Climate Action Week is a student-led initiative which aims to raise awareness and initiate conversations on climate change and climate action through a variety of events including workshops and lectures.

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