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This is a collection of works from the Spring '24 Creative Writing / Skapande Skrivande student cohort. The stories featured here are an insight into the minds of students grappling with words and themes, with what to put on the page and what to leave off it – the chiaroscuro work that writers engage in.


The world is full of changes big and small, and reacting to the present is always fickle, as it should be, and there is a lot of bravery involved in putting words on a page and giving us permission to exhibit this work.


We are thankful to all who have submitted slivers of themselves to be arranged in a sort of rocket launch of emotions, impressions, and hopes. To those who once again affirm that stories are part of what will carry us through changes big and small.


Martin Cathcart Frödén & The Creative Writing Team at Malmö University

Words Across Space

Words Across Space is a creative writing exhibition organized by Malmo University. It is a part of Medea Lab's Tender Time. Inspired by the Golden Record, the prompt for the exhibition is to send something to extra-terrestrials in outer space. Those entries are written by Malmo University's Creative Writing students.


We exhibit those entries as they have are, unchanged and unedited online for you out there, on Earth or in space.

The Cálice Team

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