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Dear Extra Terrestrial

Angelina Fors

Dear Extra Terrestrial,


Don´t come here.

If your intentions are well-meaning then please take the time to learn to communicate with us before entering our atmosphere.

Stay away. Don’t trust us.

We are a diverse kind who would love to learn everything we can about your species, civilisation, and the knowledge you carry that enabled you to come here.

We mean to strap you to a table, dissect you alive and take you apart.

We are a peaceful race, sometimes we have conflicts, but our highest priority is the safety of our people and this planet.

We lie, kill and torture each other for profit and pleasure.

The knowledge you carry; how you got here, where you come from, where you are going and your purpose here is something we would need to establish before any exchange can be negotiated.

Give us nothing for we will take everything.

We are a people who have united to deliver you this message.

Don’t trust anything we say.

Peace and an equal exchange is in both of our interests, for we believe we have much to learn from each other.

We say this at the same time as we poison our fellow man with our food, imprison us for

being different, kill us for resources.   All in the name of peace.

Please make your intentions known and let us know if there is a way we can communicate with you. We hope you come in peace so that our species may learn from each other and prosper in future endeavours.

Leave us to our own destruction. 

Yours kindly,


Don´t come here.

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