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Jupiter Daneshyar

Tonight again

I remember you when

I sit where the fairy lights cut a vein through the black hole

Wishing you could hold my hand                                                                from far away

Sing something I won’t understand, to reach me where I lay

I wanted to believe you would come

Hold on to you, or the void

But when I approached your air, I think you recoiled

As if you never understood that I do not need stars, or words                I will settle for you

You who have always been I, so

I don’t know from who I expect a reply

And life has left me so fragile

Because this world feels so real; like softness and rain

And I’ve been yearning for years, most likely in vain

Though I’ve heard you sing, in the voice of another

Always, this absence of yours, I’ve wanted to erase

And if you were to kiss me goodnight                                       from the other side of space

Just once

I would forget you, remember you – be free

I would hold that space                                                                                        inside of me

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