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Simone Lindberg

“Greetings, to whoever finds this message.

I will keep it short as I do not know how much time I have. Currently, I am traveling on a spaceship through the universe together with a crew. Our goal is to find some place where our people can settle down. The message that is being broadcast from our ship is that we come in peace and we seek shelter because our planet has been brought to ruin, and this is all true. But head my warning.

Our planet is indeed ruined and no longer inhabitable, but for this we have only ourselves to blame. The human race has long abused the Earth, as our home is named, using up its resources and killing it slowly. Now due to climate change, the temperature has melted all the ice leaving very few places above the surface, most of them are uninhabitable and without fertile soil to grow food. This has also caused the air to become fouler and unbreathable as the vegetation disappeared.

The Earth was once a flourishing planet with millions of different species, a few we are bringing with us, and I do hope that you can find it in your heart to give them a home. They are kind creatures that will bring you joy. But unfortunately many have now become extinct, some due to biology, others due to nature's way, but most of them because of us, the human race. Through our exploitation of the planet, we have caused the end to many species, not only those of the animal kingdom but also to many billions of the human race.

Throughout time, our race has killed an uncountable amount of our own. We have killed because of our desire for greater lands. We have slaughtered because of our inability to understand those who are different. We have murdered because of the color of one's skin. Still, we refer to ourselves as a peaceful race. Please, heed my warning. Keep your planet safe. Help the animals we bring with us, but do not let humans onto your planet. History has a way of repeating itself, and I am afraid that it will lead to the destruction of another planet.

Save yourself.“

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