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The Un/Welcome

Helen Heathcliff

This you must know about us…

    We are not humanity; we are not one

    Every human just lives in his very own personiverse, where

    Love, though universal, is only awarded to those close, and

    Cooperation is a mere tool to benefit an extended self

    Ostracized by default, we are divided by misunderstandings and hate, like

    Migrating herds of apeoids, driven around by famine and war

    Everyone is just fighting his own great fight for survival

However, you must also know that we are…

    United through ancestry and universal human traits

    New-borns are slates yet to be written, naked in body and soul, and

    Within us all resides unrealized intricate emotions – a Homo Sentensis

    Every human is predisposed to feel affection, compassion, and belonging –

    Living, loving, jointly building our shared world, where

    Community is attained through a collective human consciousness, and

    Opportunities arise for the whole becoming more than its parts, as we

    Mobilise the masses towards a utopia that is within grasp

    Everyone is fighting against external threats – as one.

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