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Beyond Human: "Prometheus" - Boundaries of the Human

"Prometheus" is far more than a mere science fiction thriller; it is a tapestry of ideas that weave together themes of human ambition, extraterrestrial encounters, and the boundaries of human knowledge. Through the eyes of renowned authors and scholars in the fields of ontopolitics and posthumanism, we will study the intricate layers of this film, uncovering the philosophical and political underpinnings that lurk beneath its surface.


  • Braidotti, Rosi (2019). Posthuman Knowledge. Cambridge: Polity Press.

  • Butler, Judith (2016) Frames of War: When is Life Grievable?, Verso.

  • Chandler, David & Julian Reid (2018) “‘Being in Being’: Contesting the Ontopolitics of Indigeniety”, The European Legacy, 23(3), pp. 251-268.

Music Credits

Intro music by sfxvalley

Prometheus (Dramatic Epic Trailer Music) - Light Version by soundbay.

Cover picture by Merle Emrich.

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