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Beyond Human: "Interview with the Vampire" - The Posthuman Vampire

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

In this episode of Beyond Human, we are exploring the posthuman nature of the vampire as portrayed in the movie Interview with the Vampire (1994) with a particular focus on Louis. The vampire challenges the binary understanding of beings as either human or non-human as the human transforms into something more- and other-than-human. But what does this mean for how the vampire interacts with and shapes the world compared to their former human self?


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Music credits

Intro music by sfxvalley.

Cinematic Music - Session 01 - Suspense by cramosciamus.

Gothic Candlelight - Gothic Mystery Soundtrack by GioeleFazzeri.

Cover picture by Merle Emrich.

You can find this and other Dextercast episodes on spotify.

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