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Interview with Nassira Camara (Intercultural Mediator)

Nassira Camara, originally from Mali but living in Italy, is an intercultural mediator who works with migrants and asylum seekers arriving in Italy. Among her many projects and engagements are her work as coordinator of mediators and her position as project manager of Tounkaranke. Nassira is also a teacher at the Red Cross, owner of a business (Nassira Élégance) which one a prize of best start-up in 2020, Secretary for international cooperation and foreign relations at the High Council for the Malians in Italy, and president of two associations: Onlus Mali which is based on international cooperation and runs an orphanage in Mali, and Kodonso SRLS which has the purpose to teach Italian and provide professional training to refugees and asylum seekers.

In this episode of Dextercast, we had the opportunity to talk to Nassira about her work and the current situation of migration and mediation work in Italy.

You can find this and other Dextercast episodes on spotify.

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