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Meadow of Hope

As I roam the meadows, my sight catches a swing hanging from an ancient tree. Not sure if it will hold me, I sit down anyway. I sit on the swing, my head bowed down to my chest. Sad, desperate, alone, unable to find a clear thought. Time did not hold anything good for me lately. I know neither where to go nor what to do.

And as I am resting there, the feet touching the ground, I slowly start to move; a bit forward, a bit backward. It takes a while until I realize that something around me is changing. I stop moving to observe my surroundings. Was it only a light, a reflection? Or did I see something like a shooting star? No, that should be impossible, it is daytime after all. It is probably nothing…

Lost in my thoughts, I automatically move about, my feet connected to the ground. There it is again, but as I stop moving it is gone. There is only this ancient tree, nothing else.

Carefully but attentively, I move again. First slowly, then faster. My surroundings change. Everything becomes colorful, a purple-yellow-blue light is suddenly filling the space. Leaves are growing on the tree, as green as I have never seen before. The wood seems young and sturdy, I am not afraid anymore of sitting on the swing. Flowers with red blossoms start growing all over and a scent of spring enters the meadows. I am moving forward and backwards, my legs in the sky. It is a wonderful feeling of freedom, so light. Escaping from my old life, I am here in this beautiful place of hope.

All my thoughts and worries fly away. It is like a parallel universe. A gate into a better life. And I am wondering, can I just jump off the swing and stay here forever?

Painting and text by Nora Naeve.


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