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Climate Walk

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

This video shows my feet while walking once through Denmark, from Copenhagen to Padborg. Across asphalt and sand, grass and forest soil, with socks and shoes on, socks without shoes and barefooted. It showed the diversity of landscapes as well as the strength of our body and how far our feet can carry us.

This walk was part of the Climate Walk project. The Climate Walk by the Wanderers of Changing Worlds is a research project, education project, media art project, and an adventure. As a team, we walked across Europe from Norway’s North Cape and Capo da Roca in Portugal to collect empirical data and local experiences of people living in environments impacted by Climate Change and Changing Climates.

By Climate Change, we refer to a biophysical phenomenon. Changing Climates refers to the sociopolitical manifestations of Climate Change in the form of local stories, narratives, representations, and practices across the European continent. The overall project focuses on listening to the stories of people affected by Climate Change – stories of conflict, action, struggle, hope, and people's dreams. It is about learning from each other to adapt and overcome the challenges posed by changing environments. It is about relaying and connecting these stories together to create a better understanding of complex phenomena. It is about bringing people together to form bonds of cooperation and solidarity.

Cover photo by Merle Emrich.

Music Credits:

Wanderers of Changing Worlds (Climate Walk) by Martin Thalhammer, Merlin Hochmeier, Eva-Maria Holzinger, Anna Schreinlechner & Tobias Schützenberger

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