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Divine Affliction

I’m your false redemption.

I’m your eternal burden.

I’m your folly’s incarnation,

Your fatal calamity in disguise.

You waste your life

Pursuing your ennobling quest

Of purging yourself

Through a fervent fight;

I scornfully watch your

Vehement enthusiasm,

Fighting to level me out,

Fighting to turn me into a blessing.

All for illusive promises of experience

And illusive promises of gaining control.

All for illusive promises of wisdom

And of abundant fields of eroding rewards.

I am a burden

That doesn’t need to be carried

By yet another

Feeble set of shoulders.

Your frailty is my alter ego.

It nourishes me;

It strives to make me

Eternally stronger.

I am a burden

That doesn’t need to be crippled

By your heroic fantasies

Or your tactful tendencies.

Your vain desire to

Accommodate my trivial wretchedness

Is a sinful prayer

To rise above helplessness.

I am a burden…

Just let me be.

Let me carry my own heavy load

And thrive on watching you leave.

Written by Enjy Ashour.

Cover photo by Enjy Ashour.


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