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I See You

I can't look away, staring at you in battle against all your demons and the darkness that lurks within.

I see you, fighting bravely some days and surrendering to all the heaviness on others.

I see you, unaware… unable to believe that you are indeed capable… that you are strong through your vulnerability… brave by surrendering when you need to… tender in your darkest hours… caring when you are drained.

I see you, and I know you well. But you keep on pushing me away every time you run toward my embrace for momentary shelter. You seek refuge, then shun the very sanctuary where you hid.

I see you, but I lost sight of myself.

I see you, but I wish to no longer be able to.

I see you, and it breaks my heart every time I do.

I see you, and it fucking sucks that that's all I can do.

Written by Enjy Ashour.

Cover photo by Geoffroy Hauwen.


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