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A memory of two-and-fifty days

A wish which, in another life, shall be set ablaze


I consciously led

My two-and-fifty dreams

To desirable but prohibited extremes,

Reaching for that forbidden fruit

My will unbreakable and resolute.


For I decided to live

Where the universe shall my wishes fulfill;

I decided to sail in slumber

For we shall float and linger

In our own Dream Kingdom.


Be still and patient my sweet

For I will take thee

To a mystical land

Enshrouded in moonbeams

And surrounded by whispering streams.


Let our minds take us

To a world of our own accord,

With rules that we can afford;

Where we shall show our true array

And thrive under the showers of May.


Together we shall travel

To our Night Kingdom,

Embracing each other in majestic grace,

To be where we belong

And be true to who we are.


Let our imagination dominate us,

Let our desires inebriate us,

Let our senses take control

And lead us to where we’ve never been before.


Let’s conquer those hypocritical brutes

And surrender to uninhibited truths.

Let’s encumber our own demons

And enjoy our ticking clock of freedom.


We shall let our guard down

And in our enlivening stupor drown;

We shall not be enchained in deceit

And our passions shall no longer be discreet.


Empowered by our two-and-fifty days,

With weapons of an ecstatic daze,

I shall master that deadly haze

Which is set to engulf me in silent screams

And strip me of my right to live and dream.


Endowed with the warmth of your endearing gaze,

Immersed in the memories of our blissful state,

I shall endure and conquer my inevitable ill fate.

Hid from Time’s failure and disgrace,

You shall be forever concealed within my embrace.

Written by Enjy Ashour.

Cover photo by Griffin Wooldridge.


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