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My Favorite Part of Meeting Someone New

Is the open space in every beginning

Where you learn the best parts of each other

Long before the questionable parts begin to leak through the cracks

Before things start to turn sour

Before it gets too complicated

It isn’t just booming laughter and broad smiles

It isn’t just the brushstrokes of some sunrise hues across a painting

The smell of rain accompanied by the chill air

A burst of never ending energy that can generate enough to power a house through a blackout

It’s also scowls and brooding

Like a dark blot misshapen on a canvas that promises something bleak in its curves

Empty promises never to be fulfilled

The hollow structure of a house already abandoned

Caging the ghosts that have no desire to be there either

My favorite part of someone new

Is the open space in every beginning

Where you learn the best parts of each other

I’m not ready to show that it's not as good as this.

It only gets worse, and that is what I dread

The anticipation curls in my stomach

It writhes and turns into knots I can't even dream of unraveling

I’m waiting impatiently, on the edge of my seat

My brow drips with sweat and a lump forms in my throat

In just a moment I felt knocked back into the own hollow haunting of my body

An emptiness from which I had all of my life snatched out of me

Untethered and limp, a spectral drift

And yet I finally found an afterlife

The so called light I needed

A light I had to go towards

With new beginnings and paths waiting for a cautious step forward

But my new beginning came in the form of a bright smile

With cold hands and a warm body

Crafted to be held and caressed with soft and tender touches

A mind that writhes with thoughts unknown

And a heart that yearns for something more

Written by Nihal Nashed.

Cover photo by Marina Vitale.


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