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Love Poem for Nasr

The quiet

blue darkening 

is falling

      from the cut

of a strange flower.  



Disturbing the pattern 

of white-black floor,


      the small pool


      a door.


Your foot 



enough to enter

taps to open.

Your leg is taken.


Without intent

you’re sent

more and more

into a velvet


flashed jungle—

where miscreated butterflies prowl 

on tentacles

and skies

clutter up like debris.


You look down at your knees

to see your body made

                                  of sea-lace.

You feel for your eyes—touch the juts

that images gather cuts against.


You think you are a mermaid or a bee.

The noise you’re making as you scarcely move

      is not aqueous but a zizz.


You see a body being eaten.

      The closing color on the mouth

                                                              you’d eliminate

                                            the world to kiss.

You hope it is not the boy you love

                but it always is.

Written by Indigo Gabriel.

Cover illustration by Indigo Gabriel.


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